Amanda & Xavi – Equine Photography, Kent

equine photography kent dressage

Amanda doesn’t have internet. She’s my first ever client that doesn’t have internet. At all! In fact, I think she might be the only person in the UK. I don’t know how she survives!! She says that if she needs to look something up, she just texts her friend, Sophie (take a look at Sophie & Pablo’s shoot), who shared a two-person group-shoot with Amanda on Sunday evening, and asks her to Google whatever it is she needs to know.

So, apparently the unveiling of these images will be a great excuse for a glass of wine when Sophie and Amanda meet up to go through them. I’m glad to be of service, ladies. Any excuse for wine and good company, right?!

I arrived at Amanda’s home, which we’ll discuss in a second, and put my bags down outside of one of the stables. Immediately a very large, very insistent, very handsome, dark head had poked over the door and made sure I knew it was there. Xavi (which I thought, until about two seconds ago, was spelt Savvy) is very friendly. He wanted to know who I was, why I was there, what food I had for him to eat and exactly what was in all of my bags, which I promptly moved out of his mischievous reach.

Xavi is huge and has a character to match. ‘I don’t really know,’ Amanda told me, when I asked how big he is. ‘I’ve not actually measured him. He’s just big,’ she laughed. Amanda bought Xavi from a dealer when he came over from Ireland, and they now compete in dressage together. Amanda said that she and Xavi have a championships coming up, so good luck to them for that.

Back to Amanda’s home… I’m soo jealous of her little set up. I pulled onto the driveway, in front of the house, and from her front door and window, Amanda can look straight over at Xavi and the cute little Shetland, Teddy, that lives in the stable next door. We laughed about the fact that she rolls of out of bed and feeds him in her pyjamas, and wanders out to check on him late at night. How idyllic. I want to be able to wave at my pony out of the window whilst I’m watching TV. (I need to get a pony first, though!)


equine photography kent dressage


equine photography kent dressage


equine photography kent dressage


equine photography kent dressage


equine photography kent dressage

equine photography kent dressage


So, due to the whole lack of internet craziness, Sophie, would you please read this to Amanda: Thank you Amanda, for having me at your home, to Sophie, for booking the shoots and to you both for such a fun evening.


Amanda wore…
Floral dress, by New Look
Jodhpurs, by John Whitaker International Ltd.
Shirt, by Topshop
Boots, by Ariat
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