Jenny & Stanley – Equine Photography, Leicester

I didn’t realise until I arrived at Jenny’s yard, but I’ve actually ‘known’ Jenny for a number of years, because we were both members of the same forum a while back. I can’t believe she didn’t mention it when she booked, but as I was driving down the M11, singing along, loudly (and amazingly, obviously) to the Frozen soundtrack, I suddenly put two and two together and had a light-bulb moment.

So I realised that I already knew a few things about Stanley and Jenny. I knew that Stanley is a Haflinger pony, that I’ve seen photographs of them competing in dressage, and I also knew that Stanley was… how do I put this politely? Grumpy! Lol. 😉 I remember reading a post Jenny made on the forum about how she used to worry about him biting people at the fairly big livery yard they were stabled at. So I was quite intrigued to meet grouchy Stanley for myself and see if I couldn’t get him to smile. I do love a challenge!

Jenny had booked a two person, group-shoot with her friend, Hayley. When I arrived at the address Jenny had given me, it wasn’t the large livery yard I was expecting. Just two stables, a tack room and the adjoining paddocks. And, much to my surprise, a very happy Haffy!

Jenny said that he’s so much more settled where he is now. There is less hustle and bustle, less little fingers poking over the door trying to stroke him and the quieter, more peaceful way of life is definitely agreeing with him.

However, getting Stanley to pose still wasn’t quite a walk in the park. How on earth is a pony meant to concentrate on having his picture taken when he standing in a field full of edible scenery? But, being that handsome has it’s perks. Luckily, when Stan did decide to play ball, it didn’t take long to get the shots we needed. Poor Jenny, though, she really did have to work hard for these shots. I hope your toe isn’t too bruised, Jenny.

equine photographer haflinger leicester

equine photographer haflinger leicester

equine photographer haflinger leicester

equine photographer haflinger leicester

equine photographer haflinger leicester

equine photographer haflinger leicester

Butter wouldn’t melt, right?

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