Barney’s Bad Day

It’s been a traumatic day in the life of Barney, today. I noticed that he was hopping about on three legs a day or so ago, but you know how it is… He’s a crazy Cocker and he leaps about a lot. If he’d just jumped off of the sofa and landed funny, I didn’t want to be paying out for x-rays and investigations, only for him to be right as rain after a day or so.

Well, how bad do I feel now? What a terrible Mummy I am. I noticed last night that his back paw had now swollen up and looked kind of nasty. So we took a trip the vet this morning and ended up leaving him there for an exploratory investigation.


The culprit? A 12mm grass seed that had worked it’s way up into his foot. My poor little baby. Thank you to the lovely ladies at Vets4Pets in Maldon, for looking after him.


So, after a day at the vets, Barney is now home, sporting some very fetching, bright blue vet wrap, minus one grass seed and feeling rather sorry for himself.

dog paw grass seed

grass seed dog paw

grass seed dog paw

grass seed dog paw

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2 Responses to Barney’s Bad Day

  1. John Mole says:

    Looks quite fetching in his bright blue bandage. Get well soon Barney

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