Louise – ‘Mud to Makeup’ Equestrian Photoshoot, Leicester

AA Favourites2 (3)  beautiful manor house, an adorable, quaint stable yard and a even cuter little cottage. Louise has only lived in her new home for a month, after making a brave move from Yorkshire to Leicester, to be closer to her parents and to set up her own business, buying and selling horses.

“I think there is a gap in the market for an honest, trustworthy seller,” she told me whilst we discussed her new venture, with her golden Cocker Spaniel, Muffin, curled up at her feet and Sherrie making a start on her make-up. Louise told us how she isn’t the bravest of riders and only has horses in that she knows are completely safe, and that she can confidently sell to normal, every-day horse owners.

Louise booked one of my ‘Mud to Makeup’ shoots, as she wanted to treat herself. So Sherrie and I, loaded up with treats for the journey, bottles of Fanta and a questionable play-list, went on a three hour road-trip, on Monday morning, to a little village in Leicester, to visit Louise and her horses.

I absolutely adore working with Sherrie, my ab fab hair and makeup artist! Ninety-nine percent of my clients are totally normal women, just like myself. Women who don’t have experience in modelling, but just want to document the bond they share with their horses. And to be honest, I’d choose this over working with professional models any day. I love the fact that I’m able to give these ordinary women something to treasure and make them feel special. But I have to say, working with a make-up artist, especially one as talented as Sherrie, is such a treat. It makes such a noticeable difference to the end result and, I think, to the confidence of the client, too. If you’ve been sitting in a chair for an hour, with a professional working on your face and make-up, being pampered like a VIP, you’re bound to feel photo-ready when it’s time for your close up. It definitely adds something a little extra to an already enjoyable experience. And it makes a great gift, too! (Find out more about my Mud to Makeup shoots at http://www.sophiecallahanphotography.com/#!mud-to-makeup/cuji)

Louise had so many exciting ideas, that we batted back and forth via email and Facebook, before her shoot. She wanted to make the shoot extra special and was willing to be pretty brave with her outfit choices. In the end she decided that she loved the boho, ‘beach hair’ look, the elegant long dress, with statement accessories and finally, the sexy, smart-casual look. Personally, I think she totally rocked all three. She looked absolutely gorgeous in everything she wore and I’m super jealous of her crazy long legs! But for the record, Louise, ‘willowy’ definitely means tall and slim, not that you look like a tree! Lol!

Sadly, just before our shoot, Louise had sold her own horse, that she had owned for seven years. Unfortunately, the perfect home for him came up and she just couldn’t turn it away. But due to her profession, we had plenty of beautiful four-legged models to choose from. We used Jewely, the little bay Thoroughbred, and Honey, the palamino horse that Louise has for sale. And Louise’s friend also offered his stallion for us to use, and Black Jack, or ‘Cos Me Is Black’ as he is more officially known, from the Thorpley Irish Draught Stud, was a superb male model. One of the suggestions I make to my clients when discussing outfit options before their shoot, is that they ‘colour match’ their outfit to their horse. And Louise and Jack offer a perfect example, here, of how effective that can be. Don’t they look ridiculously glam?!

Thank you to Louise for having us; to Muffin for the cuddles; to Jewely, Honey and Black Jack for being fantastic models; to Bruce, for making the tea and for allowing us to use Jack; and to Sherrie, for the company, the makeup and the Wotsits! I love my job!

equine photography louise1

equine photography louise2

equine photography louise3

equine photography louise4

equine photography louise5

equine photography louise6

equine photography louise7

equine photography louise8

More images to follow shortly.

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