Forge Stables – Group Equine Photoshoot, Nottingham

AA Favourites2 (3)e were so fortunate with the weather for this shoot. It poured relentlessly the night before, and storms were forecast for the following day. But for the Saturday of my visit to Forge Stables in Nottingham, it was nothing but blue skies and summer sun.

Debbie initially contacted me a few months back, telling me that they were trying to organise a ‘pony camp’ at their yard, where a few of her friends from university, and their kids, all bring their horses down to Debbie’s livery yard for a few nights. She said that she’d love to combine their camp with a group shoot, so we went about trying to arrange dates that everyone could manage.

Forge Stables had such a lovely, friendly feel to it. As I walked onto the yard, there was a bustle of excitement and apprehension. There were dresses on hangers, being carried from cars to tack rooms, wedding dresses being fastened, make-up being applied, kids running around, babies being placated, ponies tied up, patiently waiting to be pampered and preened, and everybody was helping one another to get outfits and horses organised in time for their shoot.

That’s what makes these group shoots so much fun. Everybody always really gets into the spirit of the shoot and mucks in to get things done. Every time I do one of these large groups, it ends up being made into such an occasion for everyone involved. I love the team spirit of these days and always feel honoured to be included as part of the team for the day!

Thank you to Alison, Pippa, Sarah, Manuka, Abigail, Inva, Jodie, Archie, Louise, Philly, Molly, six-month-old Luna, Smartie Pants, Scooby, Milo, Claire, Tia, Katie, Max, Charlotte, Poppy and all the lovely helpful Mums and friends at Forge Stables, who made it such an enjoyable day! And most of all, thank you to the lovely Debbie, who organised the whole shoot, ensured that everything ran smoothly and made me feel very welcome.

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