Sam, Romeo & Ria – Equine Photoshoot, Kent

AA Favourites2 (3)irstly, I’d like to say a big ‘happy birthday’ to Sam, who’s birthday it is today!

When Sam introduced me to her horses, Romeo and Ria, she told me that fifteen month old Romeo, who is huge, by the way, was a total menace. She said that he doesn’t have a bad bone in him, but is just always getting himself into some kind of trouble. Injuring himself, injuring Sam, breaking things, making a mess… So, of course, like a sucker, I instantly fell in love with him and we bonded over some mutual grooming. Enjoyable for Romeo, slightly painful for me. Why is that I always fall head over heels for the naughty ones? And he had patches to boot. I had no chance!

Sam bred Romeo, who is by the beautiful Amour G, from a mare she previously owned. And he is such a typical boy. He likes eating, getting filthy dirty and doing things his own way. His spacial awareness is pretty much slim to none and if something is within reach, it’ll likely end up getting chewed. But he just has the most adorable ‘It wasn’t me’ face that ensures you forgive all his misdemeanours as soon as he bats his lashes at you.

Ria, however, was a totally different story. Sam has owned seventeen-year-old Ria for thirteen years and is cclearly utterly smitten! She tells me that she did try showing, but Ria hated it, so that phase didn’t last long and they now showjump together, mostly. She also said that when she bought her, Ria was introduced to her as ‘the ugly chestnut’… Seriously? How pretty is that little face?! And what a total angel she was. After we’d given up trying to force Romeo to pose for us, Ria showed us exactly how it was supposed to be done. She was a total pleasure.

Thank you for having me, Sam. I hope you’ve had a fabulous birthday and been thoroughly spoilt! Here are some photographs of your babies, to add to your day.

equine photography kent romeo1

equine photography kent romeo2

equine photography kent romeo3

equine photography kent ria1

equine photography kent ria2

equine photography kent ria2

equine photography kent ria4

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