Flora & Eliza – Equine Photoshoot, Cambridge

AA Favourites2 (3)k, hold onto your hats and prepare for a serious cuteness overload. Because these two are just too precious to deal with!

When Alison asked me to come over and photograph her daughter and her black Shetland pony, I was super excited. Despite people telling me over and over that I’m nuts to work with children and animals, at the same time, photoshoots with little girls and their ponies are, hands down, my absolute favourites. And Flora and Eliza are a great example of why I love these shoots so much.

When I turned up to the shoot, Alison lead me onto the yard and into a spare stable. In that spare stable stood a rack, overflowing with clothes. And not just any clothes… There were tutus, wings, feather bowers, skirts, dresses, more shades of pink that I knew existed, glittery garments beyond my wildest dreams. Seriously, Flora has style! As you can see from her photographs. And that hair?! I had serious hair envy going on. What I wouldn’t give for thick, beautiful hair like that!

And then I met Eliza. Could this shoot get any sweeter? Eliza is just the most beautiful little Shetland pony. She has a coat like black velvet and was endlessly patient and willing. I’d official died and gone to equine-photographer’s heaven!

Flora was so great with Eliza. She was confident and she wanted to do it all by herself, which was adorable. What a little trooper. And she had so many ideas! She wanted to wear her tutu, she wanted to be a ‘racing fairy’, with her wings and her pink riding hat, she wanted to wear her show gear and told me all about how she and Eliza won their classes together… Honestly, I just wanted to bundle the pair of them up and take them home with me.

Flora and Eliza have that amazing relationship that I think every little girl should have with a pony. They’re both cheeky and spirited, but Flora is determined and Eliza is just a total star for her pint-sized handler. Alison says that Eliza has been a real confidence giver and everything they could want in a pony.

I typically try to choose around six photographs for my blog and social media, but I just couldn’t whittle it down, so you’ve got just a few more (ok, maybe twice as many) than usual. I loved everything about this shoot. Thank you, Alison, for allowing me to come to your home and photograph your babies. Thank you for letting me shoot the type of images I absolutely love to create.

Equine Photography Cambridge Flora1

Equine Photography Cambridge Flora2

Equine Photography Cambridge Flora3

Equine Photography Cambridge Flora4

Equine Photography Cambridge Flora5

Equine Photography Cambridge Flora6

Equine Photography Cambridge Flora7

Equine Photography Cambridge Flora8

Equine Photography Cambridge Flora9

Equine Photography Cambridge Flora10

Equine Photography Cambridge Flora11

Equine Photography Cambridge Flora12

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