Gail & Jack (And dogs) – Equine Photoshoot, Essex

AA Favourites2 (3)t’s fine for them to just be in the background,” Gail assured me as we started shooting and Snoopy, Bob and Marley, Gail’s three Jack Russells ran riot around us. These three little pickles really made me chuckle. They were so full of mischief and fun, and they followed Gail’s every move. And I really kind of love the fact that they are just in the corner or background of so many of Gail’s photographs, after all, they are a huge part of her life.

But moving on to our main man, I’d like to introduce you to Jack. How handsome is he? Jack is Gail’s fifteen-year-old Oldenburg cross Thoroughbred. And what a gentleman. He was so content and laid back about the whole shoot, although Gail tells me that whilst he is a total lamb on the ground, they’ve had their share of ‘moments’ over the years.

Both Gail and her daughter, Chloe, had booked as part of the group shoot I did at Lubards Farm on Saturday. Chloe had an array of outfits and ponies, (images to follow) and Gail opted to just have photographs with her boy, Jack.

I really felt a strong bond between these two. It was like, amid the chaos of life; of three bouncing, over-zealous dogs, of Chloe and her ponies competing, and of a big, bustling livery yard, Gail and Jack had this kind of peace about them. I’m sure, as Gail pointed out, there have been moments when their relationship felt less than peaceful, when, as all of our horse owners can identify with, they’ve had their battles and their obstacles to overcome. But right at that moment, when everybody was fussing about what to wear and whether or not their tack was clean, I felt like Gail and Jack were just happy to be with one another, away from the commotion. And that’s what I tried to capture in this set of images.

Equine Photography Essex Jack1


Equine Photography Essex Jack2

Equine Photography Essex Jack3

Equine Photography Essex Jack4


Equine Photography Essex Jack6

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