Hayley & Boxer – Equine Photoshoot, Essex

AA Favourites2 (3)y Dad named him,” Hayley said, when I commented on the fact I love the name Boxer. For some reason it just really suits Hayley’s big, handsome, chunky Shire-cross.

Hayley has owned five-year-old Boxer since he was a yearling. She bought him after sadly losing her mare and she says it’s been such a pleasure to have had him since he was a baby. 

Hayley tells me that he’s a real foodie, and this was pretty evident when he couldn’t resist snacking on the grass we had him posing in. I always feel it’s a bit like asking us to stand in a field full of chocolate. Would you be able to resist a little bite?

When we were shooting, you could totally see that Boxer is still just a baby, albeit a very large one. He liked to fidget and he wasn’t keen on Hayley planting kisses on the end of his nose. You could almost see him groaning, ‘Muuuummm, I’m a booooy!’

Hayley says that Boxer is a nightmare when it comes to keeping his rugs on. She tells me that he’s destroyed more rugs than she can count and that she’s come to the decision he just enjoys being naked. See, told you, he’s such a boy!

But from his gorgeous kind eye, to the tips of his humongous fidgety feet, Boxer is one of those endearing horses that you can’t help wanting to smother with cuddles. 

equine photography essex boxer2

equine photography essex boxer1

equine photography essex boxer3


equine photography essex boxer5


equine photography essex boxer5


equine photography essex boxer6

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