Caroline & George – Equine Photoshoot, Essex

AA Favourites2 (3)e’s been my horse of a lifetime,” Caroline tells me. She bought George as a three year old almost twenty years ago and it’s safe to say that the adoration Caroline has for her gorgeous boy is obvious, the moment you see them together. And it’s definitely mutual, too. For George and Caroline, well, for Caroline at least, it was love at first sight.

“We hadn’t seen a picture of him, when we went to see him and I remember standing on the yard, looking at a row of about 10 horses and saying to my mum, ‘If that’s the horse we’ve come to see, I’m having him!'”

As are a lot of my clients, Caroline was super nervous when I arrived for her shoot. In fact, she actually had me turn up to our shoot on Saturday at 7am, just so that she could get the shoot out of the way and not allow herself to dwell on her nerves. Hopefully, Caroline, I put you at ease and the whole saga wasn’t half as painful or awkward as you’d imagined it would be. You certainly seemed relaxed and I know I had fun shooting you guys. But then, it wasn’t me who had to run up and down the field bribing George with treats, getting my feet soaked from the long grass in the process. Lol!

Twenty-two-year-old George is sociable, cheeky and loveable. Caroline tells me that his favourite thing is his daily dose of Benylyn. Obviously, right?

Listening to the story of Caroline and George’s life together so far, it sounds like they’ve really done a bit of everything. Since 1995, when they came together, they have competed at dressage, up to elementary level and evented to novice level.

But as George approaches his golden years, although you’d never know it to look at him, he is now a content to be a happy hacker and Caroline says that this is likely to be his last summer under saddle.

“After all he’s done for me, though, he’s definitely earned his retirement.”

equine photography essex george1

equine photography essex george2

equine photography essex george3

equine photography essex george4

equine photography essex george5



Have a happy Monday and a great week, everyone!

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