Hannah & George – Equine Photoshoot, Kent

AA Favourites2 (3)rdinarily, I tend to chat to my clients about their relationship with the horses, ask them to outline the basics for me and then try to put their story together in my own way, as accurately as possible, but from my perspective. However, in this instance, Hannah’s words absolutely melted my heart, so I thought there would be no better way for you to read about Hannah and George, than from Hannah herself. Here’s what she told me about her fifteen-year-old German Warmblood, George…

“Everyone always said when I was looking for a horse, that the moment you sit on it, you automatically know when you find the right one, I had never had that until I sat on George. I went to my riding instructors yard and George was the 1st of 3 horses for me to try, it truly was the beginning of our story, we just clicked.

In the 12yrs I have owned him we have done everything together but mostly he’s been my best friend, listening to the usual teenage whining, to adult heartbreak and worries.
Non-horsey people think they are ‘just a horse’ but he truly is a part of my soul.”

Is that not just the sweetest thing? Hannah initially booked her shoot with me back in April. Sadly, at the beginning of July, I received a concerned email from Hannah. This is what it read…

‘I don’t know if you remember but I first approached you due to losing horses around me recently and realising I don’t have any special photos of my boy George? Unfortunately yesterday he was diagnosed with Navicular and we are awaiting an MRI scan to be able to set a management plan in place. He is lame at the moment but not crippled. I wondered whether you would still be happy to work with us?’

Of course, I was still more than happy to go ahead with the shoot, in fact, even more so now that George was poorly. Hannah was concerned because we’d only be able to do in-hand shots, but there is plenty that can be done on the ground, so I wasn’t at all worried. But I was so sad for Hannah. She had been keen to book the shoot because some of her friends had recently lost horses prematurely and she’d realised how precious our time with these animals is. And then her own boy is struck with Navicular. What a cruel irony.

When we were discussing George’s prognosis, and their story together, Hannah told me; “It is a long road of recovery ahead of us. I promised him I would give him the best I could and as for time to help him heal, I have plenty of that.”

Goosebumps! I actually got a little choked up editing these images. I really enjoyed working with Hannah, George and her dog, Rocky, when I went over to see them at their yard in Folkestone. George is a stunning, personable, cheeky horse. A big horse, with an even bigger personality, that you can’t help with fall in love with. He wants to be centre of attention and he won’t be ignored. He lapped up the limelight during his shoot and I hope I’ve managed to do him justice for you, Hannah. And I hope you make a full and speedy recovery, George.







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