Coloureds at RIHS 2014

AA Favourites2 (3)orsey summers. It’s that tight feeling in your skin, after spending a day in the sunshine. It’s getting the grease from your horse’s coat stuck in the ice-cream stickyness left on your fingers. It’s the addictive smell of fly spray, coat shine and hoof oil. It’s moving your strap aside every hour or so to assess your terrible tan lines. It’s the grubby, tired, content feeling you only get from a long, tiring day at a horse show.

Hickstead is my favourite showground. Without a doubt. It’s green, it’s beautiful and it holds so many happy memories. Last year, I groomed in the unforgiving, torrential rain and despaired, whilst the gleaming white feathers that I’d fluffed to perfection became caked in thick mud, the minute he stepped off of the horsebox. Last year, that little pony did us proud and we beamed from ear to ear, soaked to our skin (and our knickers). This year, we sat in the baking sun and watched class after class, of the best coloured horses and ponies this country has to offer, as our shoulders turned pink.

What a relaxing, happy day I had yesterday, watching the coloureds at Royal International 2014. And to top it off, my lovely friends’ horse, Tia (Shear Impulse) won her class, topping the line-up of super strong contenders and strutting her way to a prolific blue winners rosette and sash. It was a day of smiles, laughter, great company, great weather and stunning horses. What more could a girl need?

And, of course, any blog worth posting needs photographs. So, here are some the memories…














To see more from this set, go to

Please note: These images are not for sale. I attended this show as a spectator, with friends and these shots were taken for my own enjoyment, mostly of people I know, as taking photographs is not just a profession but also a hobby, for me.

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