Victoria & Tiger – Equine Photoshoot, Kent

AA Favourites2 (2)he hadn’t intended to buy him. She hadn’t really wanted such a big horse. But when Victoria went to view a mare that was totally unsuitable for her needs, she fell in love with this gorgeous face.


And, three years on, that face has been getting him out of trouble ever since.

Tiger, who I think should be renamed Tigger, is one of the most playful horses I’ve ever worked with. Victoria wanted to get photographs of Tiger loose in his field. So as I crouched amongst the long grass, with a beautifully lit, overcast, evening sky and a sprawling view of the Kent countryside as our background, I had to remind myself that I was in fact photographing a horse, and not an over-zealous puppy.

tiger equine photography kent

Tiger was absolutely brimming with character and had Victoria and I in stitches as he bounced (yes, literally bounced) around us and interacted like we were playing a game. Victoria would throw a lump of grass and he’d chase after it. Every time I crouched down to get a better angle, he’d trot over and shove his face in my camera. I did keep trying to tell him that as lovely as he was, photographing him at such a close proximity wasn’t all that easy. He didn’t seem bothered.


Victoria tells me that Tiger’s favourite things are rolling, road trips in his lorry, going out showjumping and hunting, and causing trouble, playing out in his field. One thing he really hates, though, is being told off. She says he sulks like a child and if he could speak, you’d definitely hear him muttering ‘Mum, that’s sooo unfair‘ under his breath.





However, Victoria and Tiger’s time together hasn’t always been easy. She says he’s had his share of serious handling issues; refusing to be lead out to the field, refusing to be caught and rearing to get his own way. It seems that Victoria has been through quite a lot with him in the three years she’s had Tiger. But she also says that he’s happier and more settled than he’s ever been, right now and that she wouldn’t change him for the world. And we were both in staunch agreement that it would be impossible to be mad at that adorable face for very long.

Despite his handling issues, Victoria says that Tiger will take you out hunting or hacking all day long and doesn’t put a foot wrong when she’s on board. And I have to say, I really don’t feel that there was any malice in him. It was just as if he thought that life was one big game. What a little monkey! Butter wouldn’t melt.




Happy Monday everyone!

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