Helen, Chunky, Tycoon & Patrick – Equine Photoshoot, Buckinghamshire


Helen won a competition with Total Impact Equestrian for her gorgeous boy, Chunky, to model their new bridle range. We took the photographs for Total Impact at the Nat Champs, at Addington, last September. Following Chunky’s head shots, Helen then booked me to come out for a full photoshoot. So yesterday, I went over to see Helen and Chunky and meet two of her other horses, Tycoon and Patrick.

I was quite excited to photograph Helen’s horses. Fourteen-year-old Chunky, or Deep Reflection, as he is more formally known, is quite the superstar, having taken the title of Champion Racehorse to Riding Horse at HOYS in 2013. He is absolutely stunning and as you’d imagine, extremely photogenic. He was such a joy to work with. Look at him proudly displaying his HOYS winning rug!

Chunky’s half-brother Tycoon, is Helen’s novice and she tells me he has his first show coming up this weekend. I loved this horse! He was so affectionate and just wanted cuddles and scratches the whole time. I really love a horse who wants to interact with you and Tycoon was totally in your face. What a softie, and a such a kind eye.

Last but not least was Patrick. Helen sure has a knack to finding herself a beautiful bay. Patrick was so easy and amenable. He posed for the camera like a pro.

All of Helen’s horses were impeccably well mannered and loved the camera. It was such a pleasure to work with this gorgeous gang. And Helen even managed to drag hubby, Jason, and Bandit the dog, in front of the camera, too.

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