Lauren & Copper – Equine Photoshoot, Hertfordshire


Lauren and Copper booked their shoot with me because they were on the same yard as Katy and Savanna, and asked if we could do two sessions in one day. Instead of doing two seperate sessions, Katy and Lauren decided to do the whole thing together and do one big shoot. It was such a lovely afternoon and I definitely think it made both girls braver and more comfortable.

We had such a giggle, with both mums dancing around behing me in an effort to make the ponies pose, Katy and Lauren changing outfits in the middle of fields and both ponies desperately wanting to be done with the shoot so that they could eat the grass. It was a group effort and really great fun.

I love it when a group really gets into the spirit of the shoot. When they are discussing outfits, helping each other with the ponies, supporting one another if they don’t feel completely confident in front of the camera. It makes an already enjoyable experience just that much more special.

Eleven-year-old Lauren was quite shy at first and I don’t think she really knew what I was expecting of her. I love her sweet, shy smile in the black and white shot, as she was just getting to know me. But once she got into her stride, she was a real pleasure to work with and her and Copper have such a lovely, fun relationship. He was an absolute star and really looked after Lauren. He’s definitely one of those ponies that is worth his weight in gold to any pony mad little girl. What an adorable pair!


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