Katy & Savanna – Equine Photoshoot, Hertfordshire


Katy’s mum, Lisa and I had a bit of a giggle when she purchased a voucher for Katy’s birthday as a surprise. A few days after she’d bought the voucher, Katy herself contacted me asking if I’d provide a voucher as an auction prize for a charity event. I was more than happy to oblige but concerned because I didn’t want to send her the same package and have her have seen it and read through the booking letter before Lisa had given her present. In addition to this, Katy then said she’d like to book her own shoot and was talking about arranging a date. She must have thought I was incredibly inefficient because I just said ‘Yes, lovely.’ and left it at that! Lol!

Luckily, Katy didn’t find out until Lisa gave her the voucher. And on Monday, the day after Katy’s birthday, I went over to visit her and her gorgeous Thoroughbred mare, Savanna. Katy and Lisa’s friend Lauren also had photographs taken with her pony and we even managed to get a shot or two of Lisa’s veteran mare Gemini and Lauren’s mum, Sheena’s horse, Dessie.

Despite Savanna being chestnut, being a Thoroughbred and being a mare, Katy tells me she is extremely laid back and amenable. And she certainly didn’t put a foot wrong throughout her photoshoot!

I absolutely loved working with Katy. The yard was a gorgeous old fashioned farm style yard, with stunning views, in Welwyn. Katy, Lisa and their friends Sheena and Lauren (who I will post photographs of tomorrow) were all so lovely, welcoming and accomodating when we were discussing options for the shoot. And they even fed me pink lemonade once we’d finished shooting!

Thank you guys so much for having me! I had a great day. Keep an eye out for Lauren and Copper’s photographs, too.

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