Jo, Jaimie, Baer & Darcy – Equine Photoshoot, Kent


What miserable weather we had last weekend. It was muggy and grey all day Saturday, and poured with rain for most of the day on Sunday. However, with some careful planning and a whole lot of luck, Jo, Jaimie and I ended up with the perfect evening sunset for our shoot, late on Sunday.

We’d been watching the forecast for the past few days, wondering whether we would be able to go ahead or not, and in true British fashion, it just couldn’t make up it’s mind. But when Saturday came around, it looked as though we might just get a few hours of dry on Sunday evening. So we went for it. And I’m so glad we did, because I absolutely adore the soft, low light in this set of images.

I’m so in love with the colours and feel of the images we took in the field across the road from the yard. It was that magic hour, just as the sun goes down, that makes everything appear golden and glowy. My favourite time of day to shoot. We couldn’t have wished for a more beautiful evening.

Jo and Jaimie keep their horses at a lovely yard in Kent. Jo’s Haflinger, Baer (or Mr. B) really does live up to his name and such a big cuddly teddy bear. He’s a typical man and was ruled by his belly, taking every possible opportunity to grab a snack along the way, which gave us plenty of laughs.

Jaimie’s coloured pony, Darcy, was very easy to work with. He was happy to smile for the camera and follow Jaimie wherever she asked him to go. What a lovely little gang they have here; Mother, daughter and their two gorgeous boys. And all a real pleasure to work with.

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