Bonnie, Shola, Stuart & Lady Anne – Equine Photoshoot, Essex


Bonnie has a knack for finding very pretty ponies, so photographing her little gang is always more than a pleasure.

I visited Bonnie, Shola and Stuart about three years ago, for their first photoshoot. Another thing Bonnie is great at is dealing with difficult ponies and bringing them on. When I last saw them, Shola and Stuart both had problems under saddle and were fairly nervous. Stuart also had a lot of health issues that Bonnie has spent a lot of time overcoming with him. Well, the change in both ponies this time around was huge!!

Stuart, the little buckskin pony, just wanted a fuss and was in my face, in my pockets, happy to chat and cuddle. And Shola (who is what Bonnie tells me is called a sooty palomino) was a little diva, who has clearly blossomed in Bonnie’s care.

And to add to the changes in their personalities on the ground, Bonnie had no qualms about hopping onto both ponies bareback, and neither of them batted an eyelid. I can’t tell you how different this is from the first shoot we did. These three have such a lovely story!

And as well as all of that, Bonnie now has a newbie. Lady Anne, the little grey pony, arrived at Bonnie’s less than one week ago and has a bit of a sad back story. She has been passed from pillar to post, often not very well cared for and even has a cattle tag on her left ear. Bonnie said that when she arrived, she had been told that she probably wouldn’t be able to get near her, that she was very nervous and that you couldn’t do anything with her. This pony has been with Bonnie for less than one week and just ook how settled and happy she looks. I was bowled over by her story and by what a sweet, trusting little girl she was. I fell totally in love with her while I was there and I have to take my hat off to Bonnie for already having made such a difference to this ponies life.

I just adore stories like this one and it makes me feel so privaledged to be doing this job.

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