Lily & Misty – Equine Photoshoot, Essex


On Sunday morning, I had a very early start, as I’d arranged to meet Lily, her pony Misty and her mum, Jo, down at East Beach in Shoeburyness at 5am.

The hope was that we’d get a very pretty sunrise, a nice colourful sky and some lovely soft light. Unfortunately, the great British weather had other ideas and what we actually got was overcast skies, thick clouds and even a little spot of rain. However, Misty and Lily we real troopers and were more than happy to ignore the imperfect conditions and carry on regardless.

Lily is clearly a confident and natural rider, as Misty wasn’t the easiest pony, yet Lily was determined to ensure the Misty knew who was boss. After a little negotiation, Lily had Misty trotting up and down the sand and even got a little canter out of her.

Once we’d finished on the beach, we took advantage of the area of greenery down by where the horsebox was parked, and Misty and Lily posed underneath the willow trees.

Another example of best laid plans… It was unfortunate that the sunrise didn’t play ball, but we just changed our approach, adjusted our ideas and got some beautiful pictures in spite of the weather.

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