Becca, Jane & Beau – Group Equine Photoshoot, Essex


My third and final session of the group shoot on Tuesday was with Becca, Jane and Beau. I have known Becca and Jane for a few years now, as they were liveries at Limbourne at the same time as I was, our brother’s are friends and we live close to one another.

I have to admit, I have always had a bit of a soft spot for this little horse. Beau is such a sweet boy and has such a kind eye. And let’s be honest, he’s pretty handsome, too! So, I was delighted when Becca sent me a message to ask if we could arrange this shoot.

As he was last up, Beau had been standing out in the field all day, watching the others pose for the camera, and every time we shook a rattle or squeaked a toy, his ears would flick forward. And practice clearly made perfect, because he was great when it came to his turn.

Becca and Beau do lots of competing together, so they definitely have a great bond, and I think this is clear to see in these images. Beau took everything in his stride and there was nothing he wouldn’t do for the promise of a polo from Jane, Becca’s lovely mum.

Thanks to Becca for organising the group shoot and to all of you for a really lovely afternoon in the sun.


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