Debra, Karis, Poppy, Yogi, Tigger & Prinny – Group Equine Photoshoot, Essex


My second session, of the group shoot at Limbourne, was with Karis, Debra, baby Poppy and their three horses, Yogi, Tigger and Prinny.

I really love that there are three generations in these photographs, with little fifteen month old Poppy clearly inheriting the same love of horses. She was the happiest, bounciest little girl and absolutely adored riding and patting the horses. She had a smile on her face the entire time.

Yogi is Debra’s horse and was so easy to work with. He wasn’t bothered by any of the commotion and was happy to pose wherever we put him.

Karis tells me that her boy, Tigger is a bit of a devil in disguise. She says that he can be good as gold most of the time and then just turn into a bit of a monkey. Thankfully, he was on his best behaviour for our shoot and didn’t put a foot wrong. He even showed us how he gives his Mummy kisses.

Prinny was the definitely the diva of the group. Debra and Karis’s absolutely stunning homebred mare, she definitely knows how gorgeous she is. But again, even she was very sweet to work with and refrained from any diva strops on the day!

Thank you to Karis and Debra, and of course Poppy, for a great, fun session.


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