Becky & Dubai – Group Equine Photoshoot, Essex


Yesterday I took another trip back to my old livery yard, to photgraph some of the other girls that couldn’t join in with the shoot on Sunday. The first of my three sessions was with Becky and her gorgeous golden oldie, Dubai.

29 year old Dubai is mahoosive, but such a gentle giant. And he’s not showing any signs of slowing down, either. Becky still competes him and the pair have loads of fun together. And what a character he is. It was a super bright, warm afternoon, so we tried to shoot in the shade as much as possible, so every time we stopped shooting for a second, Dubai thought it was great oppotunity for a little tree shaped snack.

When Becky hopped on in her long dress, Dubai didn’t bat an eyelid. He was quite happy to wonder round with his mum in her princess dress and he was even accomodating when Lily the Spaniel took her turn in front of the camera, next to him.

He was such an easy boy to work with and Becky was a great model, too.


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