Abigail, Millie, Sharny & Lola – Equine Photoshoot, Essex


On Sunday evening I had the pleasure of visiting my old livery yard for a shoot with Abigail, Millie, their mum, Sally, and ponies, Sharny and Lola. And they even dragged their dad and doggies along for a family photograph, too.

Sally, Abigail and Millie hadn’t actually been liveries at this yard when I kept my ponies there, so we had never met, but it was lovely to go back to Limbourne and see how things had changed. It’s such a pretty yard, with it’s tree-lined driveway and off road hacking, so I knew we’d have some great spaces to use.

Sharny is a real family pet. Sally bought her for eldest daughter, Abigail, five years ago and she now belongs to younger daughter, Millie, as Abigail has since grown out of her. But Sharny has had a few health scares recently, so Sally was keen to get photographs of their beloved pony now that she is back to full health and seemingly brighter than ever. Sharny and Millie were clearly great friends and had a really fun relationship.

Lola is Abigail’s loan horse and clearer they have a wonderful bond. Lola is definitely a one person horse and whilst the rest of the family give her a wide berth, it seems she will do everything and anything for Abigail. Every now and then I meet horses who have such an obvious connection with their owner, and Lola and Abigail were definitely an example of this.

Thanks to Sally, Abigail and Millie for a lovely evening and lots of giggles, especially when Sally got a bit over enthusiastic with my shaky bottle. 😉 I’m actually back at this yard this afternoon, as there were a few people wanting to book, but they couldn’t all manage the same day, so I’m looking forward to that.


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