Rachel, Harley & Delicia – Equine Photoshoot, Kent


Rachel invited me over to her place on Saturday, to photograph the adorable, super cheeky Harley, and Harley’s mum, Delicia. I’d seen lots of photos on Facebook of these two, so I was really looking forward to meeting them.

Delicia is the most gorgeous, special girl and a fabulous mummy. She was so sweet and patient with everything we did, not to mention absolutely stunning.

And it seems that Harley’s got his mother’s good looks. Although having said that, his dad (Amour G) is also incredibly handsome, so he’s definitely got great genes to work with. Harley thoroughly enjoyed strutting his stuff, investigating my squeaky toy, making friends and showing us his newly discovered paces, whilst Delicia tried her best to keep up with her excitable baby.

I always love foal shoots, because there is absolutely no structure to them whatsoever. They are completely unpredictable and you just have to go with the flow and allow the baby to call the shots. But they are so much fun, and foals are always brimming with character and expression, which is a joy to capture on camera. Everything is new and exciting to them, so getting them to pose is a piece of cake.

And Harley was certainly no exception. I’m definitely going to keep a close eye on Rachel’s Facebook and watch this little pickle grow up. He’s just totally gorgeous.

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