Holly, Incy & Dougal – Equine Photoshoot, Essex


I had a lovely mid-week shoot with Holly and her two huge, but incredibly handsome boys, on Wednesday.

I was really excited to photograph Holly as she’d really entered into the spirit of the shoot and had been emailing me with questions and suggestions in the week running up to the date. So I knew we’d have great fun pulling both of our ideas together and that Holly would have thought out what spaces and background would be available to us.

Incy, Holly’s 17hh, chestnut, five-year-old, is homebred and so obviously very special to her. He really did make me laugh though, because I don’t think he was totally sold on the idea of a photoshoot. Standing still, smiling and being asked to go places he had never been before was just not something Incy was on board with. He is one of those horses that just clearly finds life a little stressful. Bless his heart. Lol. But hopefully we convinced him that I wasn’t as scary or irritating as he first thought, and we did end up getting some really gorgeous shots of him.

Ex racehorse and eventer, Dougal was one of the easiest horses I’ve ever worked with. What a gentleman! I loved this horse. All 17.1hh of him! And despite his impressive size, he stood like a lamb whilst Holly climbed on board in her dress, and he pricked his ears for the camera like a pro.

Again, another example of two completely different characters and I had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon meeting them, Holly, Holly’s very helpful Mum and friend, and also their two dogs, Archie and Jackson. Thanks for having me guys.


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