Jaki, Diablo, Pancake & Ricky – Equine Photoshoot, Essex


On Sunday, I had the pleasure of being invited over to Jaki’s yard, about half an hour from me, to meet her three beautiful boys. Jaki’s three horses are all so totally different, in appearance and character, which I loved.

Diablo is Jaki’s huuuuuge Irish Draught x Thoroughbred. Diablo has done a bit of everything. Eventing, dressage, side-saddle… he is a real allrounder and such a gentleman.

Pancake, or Mr. P, as he prefers to be known, is a cheeky, two-year-old Quarter Horse. Jaki is planning to back him to ride Western and was telling me that she’d love to do barrel racing with him. Isn’t that just the coolest thing? Pancake is absolutely beautiful. Far too pretty to be a boy.

And last, but certainly not least, (in fact, I developed a bit of a soft spot for him) is little Ricky. Oh my goodness, this pony melted my heart. Ricky is Jaki’s little Welsh Section A, that she rescued when he was a youngster. Life is very stressful for Ricky, and there are monsters hidden in every direction. I just wanted to scoop him up and have him sleep at the bottom of my bed. He was so cute!

All three boys were impeccably behaved and did Jaki proud. I had a lovely morning. Thanks for having me Jaki!

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