Vicky, Tom, Toby & Prince – Equine Photoshoot, Holkham Beach, Norfolk


Vicky and I have been discussing the possbility of taking her horses over to Holkham, for a shoot on the beach for a few weeks now. But what with my fully booked diary and her showing schedule, it wasn’t easy to find a date that we could both do. So when I had a cancellation for Saturday, Vicky jumped at the chance to arrange our shoot.

So at the weekend, we made the three hour trip to Holkham, in Norfolk, to the most beautiful beach I’ve ever visited in this country. I’d never been to Holkham, and neither had Vicky, but I know loads of you have and I’ve always admired people’s phone photos of them galloping up the beach, and it definitely lived up to expectations.

Vicky brought along two of her horses, little Toby and her veteran, Prince. Prince is twenty-two and was Vicky’s 21st birthday present when he was a yearling, so he’s a very special boy. Tom, Vicky’s sixteen year old son kindly agreed to ride Prince for some of the photographs, even though, in true teenage-boy fashion, he didn’t really want his picture taken or his shirt to get wet. 😉 Vicky’s Lurcher, Snoop and husband Paul also came along to give us a helping hand.

We had so much fun! Vicky was super brave, cantering Prince bareback through the waves in her dress. She really was up for everything. And I am so pleased, because I am just thrilled with this set of images. Don’t they look stunning?! We even had people coming over just to watch us shoot.

Once we’d captured everything we needed on the beach, we headed back to the car park and Vicky swapped her dress for her sidesaddle outfit. I absolutely adore watching women ride sidesaddle. It’s so elegant and timeless. So I was really excited to get some photographs of Prince and Vicky in all their gear.

All in all, it was such an enjoyable day. Lots of giggles, sunshine, very happy ponies and as I have since learnt, a sneaky, secret ice-cream!! Isn’t that right, Paul?! Lol! Thanks so much guys for such a fab day!!

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