Kirsty & Potblack – Equine Photoshoot, Wiltshire


In the middle of the week I took a three hour road-trip over to Wiltshire, to meet Kirsty and her gorgeous Friesian x Thoroughbred, Potblack, or ‘PB’, as his friends call him.

PB’s story is quite an interesting one as he has travelled far and wide, all over the world, as part of a team of driving horses. However, he now leads a gentler life with Kirsty, as a ridden horse. But Kirsty tells us that, due to his driving experience, he still responds completely to his rider’s voice and will easily half-pass with the right commands.

I really loved this horse. He was such a sensitive soul and had such an expressive, endearing eye. I felt like he really wanted to please. So sweet.

We had a slightly hairy moment, when PB decided he wasn’t keen on Kirsty riding bareback, but after a bit of a tantrum, he got his emotions under control and I felt that he and I bonded over the whole experience.

I was quite surprised when Kirsty told me about Potblack’s breeding. I would never have guessed… Until I saw him move. Once we put him out in the field, loose, he really started to show off and he has the most beautiful, elevated trot. He looked sooo beautiful strutting his stuff around his paddock. I have to admit, I got a bit trigger happy. 🙂

It was a lovely afternoon, so thank you Kirsty for having us over to your beautiful part of the country.


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