Jodi, Pete & Colano – Equine Photoshoot, Hertford

‘Not once did I feel awkward or under pressure. Had a very good afternoon. Highly recommend!’ -Jodi
I spent Sunday evening with Jodi and her two showjumpers, Pete and Colano, in Hertford.
It was a warm, muggy evening and the horse-flies and midges were out in force, so both boys were a little restless to begin with. However, with a bottle of fly spray to hand, another helpful Mum ( I often have a lot to thank horsey Mum’s for!) and a bit of patience, we managed to get some great shots of these two.
Pete and Colano are both totally different characters. Jodi thought that Pete was going to be the easier of the two to photograph, as he can be spooky and tends to look at everything, which makes him look gorgeous. However, it was actually Colano, Jodi’s younger horse, who posed for us like a pro.
Jodi has had Pete for many years and said that he has always been a somewhat ‘quirky’ horse, and he doesn’t seem to be wanting to slow down any time soon, as she admits that he is getting even more spirited with age. Colano, however, is very clearly the more laid back of the two (except, that is, when you go to seperate him from his BFF, Pete, who he obviously adores) and really took the whole experience in his stride.
Jodi keeps her boys on a lovely yard with breath-taking views and gorgeous hacking as far as the eye can see, so we had no shortage of  beautiful backdrops. Thanks to Jodi, Jodi’s mum, and Jodi’s boyfriend, who proved himself actually quite useful at holding horses 😉 , for a lovely evening.
‘Pete is a very special horse who needs a lot of understanding, he gets stressed out very easy and Sophie delt with him brilliantly.’ – Jodi
‘Colano is much more laid back but much easier to entertain. He loved Sophie’s squeaky pig toy.’ – Jodi
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