Louisa, Olivia & Adawy – Equine Photoshoot, Essex

At the beginning of the week I took a quick trip over to see Louisa and her daughter Olivia, and their beautiful Arabian’s. Louisa breeds Arab’s and currently has two of the most adorable, and very cheeky, two week old foals. Foals are always a bit of a challenge because there is so much to consider when photographing them. Obviously there isn’t much chance of asking them to stand still and pose, so you just have to work with whatever the throw at you (and sometimes that literally is themselves) at the same time as keeping the sanity of the mare in mind.
Some mares are more than happy for you to borrow their babies for a little photoshoot, some are rather over-protective, so I’m very concious of making sure we conduct a shoot that everybody; owner, photographer, mare and foal, are all happy with.
In this case, Louisa’s foalies just decided it’d be great fun to run rings around me. (Pun intended!) With legs up to their ears and the most gorgeous little faces, they were a real delight to work with, despite the speed that they were able pick up, hooning around the paddock.
After the mares and foals had had their turn, I had a nice little surprise. Louisa introduced me to her stallion, Adawy. Thirteen-year-old Adawy is pretty impressive and certainly has the CV to back up his drop-dead-gorgeous looks, having won champion Arab at HOYS last year! I was in awe. He was a photographers’ dream and he certainly didn’t mind showing off for the camera. It was also beautiful to see how much respect and love he had for both Louisa and fourteen-year-old Olivia, who was a total natural with all of the horses.
Thank you to Louisa and Olivia for inviting me over to spend time with you and your beautiful family of horses.


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