Tammy, Stanley & Smokey – Equine Photoshoot, Suffolk

I spent a lovely, sunny morning with Tammy, her two ponies, Stanley and Smokey, and her adorable little dog, Reggie, in Suffolk yesterday. The weather was beautiful and Tammy keeps the ponies on a yard which borders some stunning scenery including woodland, rolling fields and, as you can see, lots of wild flowers.
Whilst Tammy was happy to be in some of the photographs, she specificly wanted some photos of the ponies on their own, too. So we took a lunge line on our little trek and found some pretty spaces for them to stand and pose on the end of the lunge line.
Stanley was first up. Anybody who knows me knows that I can’t resist a pony with patches and lots of hair, so I instantly knew I was going to love Stanley. He is a real character, a very cheeky monkey and definitely had his own ideas about where he would stand and how the photoshoot should go. But on the whole, he was very accomodating and humoured us for long enough that we could get some beautiful shots of him.
Then we dragged poor old, retired Smokey out of the field. I think he wondered what on earth was going on and why he was being brought out of retirement. But he didn’t protest against having his picture taken and was easy as pie to work with.
Thank you to Tammy and her lovely boys for having me. Here’s a handful of pictures for you to have a peek at whilst I get on with editing the rest. 🙂


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