From Mud to Makeup in 60 Minutes

Yesterday I had an equine photoshoot with a little something extra. I’m currently putting together a Equine Photoshoot + Make-Over package and working alongside two fab make up artists. Yesterday I had my first test shoot with one of these lovely ladies, Ann.
I’ll be going through the photographs today, but here are just a few ‘behind the scenes’ shots. I love the feel of these. Going from mud to make-up in the middle of an ordinary yard. The beautiful dresses hanging on the back of the tack room door. The dog at her feet as she has her make-over done. Horsey-girls do glam. Welcome to my world. 😀 It’s great fun here!
Mardi waiting patiently for her turn to be pampered
Teddy looking after his Mummy, whilst she has her make-up done
I’d like to thank Camilla, Mardi and Teddy for their help yesterday. And I’d like to introduce the newest member of the Sophie Callahan Photography team, the lovely Ann!
I look forward to lots of glamourous make-over shoots with you, Ann, and am very excited to have you on board.
Photos from Camilla’s shoot to come later.
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