Camilla & Mardi – Mud to Makeup Equine Photoshoot, Essex

You might have already seen my post about the Mud to Make-Up Session we had yesterday. This is a new project which includes an equine photoshoot and full make-over by a professional make-up artist.

I have two lovely, very talented make-up artists that have agreed to work alongside me, and I needed willing horse owners to model for me, so that we could run test shoots with each make-up artist.

Yesterday, Camilla and Mardi agreed to be our guinea-pigs so that Ann and I could have a dress rehearsal. We went for nice, natural looks and were both in awe of Camilla’s amazingly long, thick hair.

Camilla was great to work with, and very obliging, as we dragged her around the yard in flimsy dresses and heels, in the wind and even a couple of rain showers, and sat her on a stool in the middle of the yard to do her hair and make-up.

Mardi wasn’t so keen. She’d have preferred if we’d just let her eat the grass, the trees, the bushes and fed her treats all morning. She even knew how to say ‘please’ and put her prettiest face on in the hope that I might be a soft touch and give her sweetie or two. I must admit, I did cave a couple of times. How could you not?
So, despite the typically British weather, we had a lovely morning and once again, I’d like to thank Ann, Camilla, Mardi and Teddy the Labrador, for a fab, fun shoot. I can’t wait to get this new From Mud to Make-Up package all ironed out!
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