Izzy & Tigerlily – Equine Photoshoot, Surrey

I took a trip over to Surrey, at the weekend, to an absolutely beautiful location, to see Izzy and her very unusual pony, Tigerlily.

Tigerlily is chestnut, but develops new white spots every year. I’ve since found out that these are known as ‘birdcatcher spots’. And aren’t they gorgeous? As anyone who follows my posts will know by now, I love unusual ponies, so I thought Tigerlily was fab!

Izzy was a fantastic model to work with. Tigerlily is clearly a tricky little pony, and Izzy’s Mum said that Izzy is the only one to get a tune out of her, and their close relationship was very evident. They are obviously great friends. They are both full of character and they suit each other perfectly!

Izzy had no qualms with hopping on bareback and trotting off across the open field and I have to say, I actually struggled to get her to get OFF of the pony! Lol. That is, until I asked her to climb up on the tyre hanging from the tree, which she jumped at. But I loved that. I love to see a young girl who just enjoys having fun with their pony and Izzy and Tigerlily clearly have a lot of fun together. I thoroughly enjoyed capturing their bond.

Izzy’s big sister, Ellie, was kind enough to pose for me, too
As I was about to leave, this little face appeared over the door! How could I not take his picture, too?!
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