I ♥ my BFF!

So, this photoshoot is a bit different. Because Natalie is my closest friend and Jasper is my ‘Godpony’! But the last time I photographed Nat, I’d only just started doing equine photoshoots and that was over three years ago, so I figured it was time she had another shoot!

We started off with Jasper, where Nat keeps him at a friends’ yard.

I never know whether photographing (and being photographed by) somebody you know well makes things better or worse. But I always joke that I can boss people around more. 😉 And I know and love this pony like he’s my own, so I really enjoyed capturing the character of a pony I know so well.

Nat often comes along on shoots as a helping hand (She’s a pro at getting ears forward), so she had all her own ideas of what she wanted and what she was meant to be doing, which was quite funny.

After I’d photographed her with Jasper, we took a trip over to see her OAP, Norman. He lives in a field a few miles away, on grass turnout, because he refuses to go in a stable. He’s old, stubborn and I absolutely love him.

Nat and Rae (from my previous post)
I might be a little biased, but isn’t he gorgeous? 
Norman’s turn
Norman: ‘This is so embarrassing’

And a sneaky ‘behind the scenes’ snap of me holding Jasper and 
photographing, at the same time. Multi-tasking!
He’s such a good boy!

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